Web Scraping Dynamic showing incorrect value

Hi All,

When webscraping, providing I enter the correct word to search for on the page, it will save the values to a DataTable correctly. However, when I try and search for a different term, it will pull the results of the old value AND / OR go to a different menu on the site??

I changed the CLICK event to not show the title of the link in the editor and replaced with ‘*’ but then it goes to a header link on the page.

Depending on what the user inputs, how to I select the values based on LOCATION not have the software look for the exact words itself to pull values from?

you need to provide more information in the selector because there will be multiple controls in the web page with tag='A’

I am new to uipath, so i’m not sure what else exactly I could put. I simply used the click command. could i use the ‘*’ in that section also?

It’s just strange that using the click command, you highlight the words that you want - or even image - and change it to * for dynamic options but then it won’t work.

Hi @swanvalkyrie - the ‘*’ wildcard is not a dynamic part of the selector by itself, it just means that it does not matter which text is written in the attribute. With this UiPath uses the first element it finds which matches the selector which is the header link on the page.
Can you explain what you want to achieve with the workflow?

Thankyou - Ok so on that website, depending on what value you enter to search for, I want to pull the first few records out and export it into an existing csv.

Even if I can just pull out one record, I need to be able to have it click on the item, open it up, and then scrape two sections of the page.

@swanvalkyrie - please find attached a sample workflow which does the following:

  1. Ask the user for a search term
  2. Open the website and input that serach term
  3. Scrape the results (only the first page) - Name und URL of the recipe
  4. Append the results to a CSV-File
  5. For each recipe extracted navigate to that site and wait for it to be loaded completely

From there you can implement the scraping of the sections you need.

Hope this helps!

Taste.zip (2.0 MB)

Thankyou but I mustn’t have the right packages installed?



Install uipath.system.Activities

Which version of UiPath are you using? If it it 2018.4 and greater please check under Project and see if there are any dependencies which are missing.
In the end there should not be any red dependencies displayed.


Thanks @lakshman

I’ve installed the listed activities.

Now I just have the following:

And also install UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities and UiPath.Excel.Activities

I’ve just started getting all of them :smiley: (listed in the pic)


I have been able to test - and I have this same output.

Although what I need is for say the 2nd row first item to be clicked on, opened the page, and then scrape the heading and then ingredients

P.S. need to wait a few hours to further reply reached daily limit