Get Data From dynamic table on webpage

Hi All,
I am struggling to get data from a table on webpage. When I tried with ‘Data Scraping’, found out that the table id is changing every time the table is reloaded or refreshed.

Is there a work around?Any pointers to fix this issue, will be great help.

Hi @gangadhar.kulkarni,

Try using UiExplorer to determine a more suitable selector or maybe using the wildcard like “id=’*’”
Although, in UiExplorer, there is an option “Repair” that offers an option to make the selector valid, You can use this option as base.

Thanks for your reply.
I already tried the possible solutions you suggested.
When I try to use id=* then UiPath scrapes data from other table. UiPath Explorer Repair also did not help much. I was thinking of using the table id (dynamic value) in selector ,passing via variable. But not sure how to get the table id attribute from the page.

Maybe if you post an image of the result that UiExplorer offers and/or how the table looks like, it could help to have more ideas.

Have you tried to use anchors?

I facing selector issue in dynamic webpage data scraping. Can you please provide the solution.