Data scraping inconsistent tables


I am trying to scrape these values (highlighted) from a data table on a website:

An issue I’m facing is that these values change (and so does the positioning) on the web page between different deals, but it is always the dealer fitted options. Therefore, depending on which page I access, the data table can often be blank, even if there are values.

I can’t seem to do anything to consistently get this data - does anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I’m going in circles aha.

Thanks a lot.


Try data extraction with anchor base on the dealer fitted and make sure no table name or anything is present.

Alternately…you can try using for each ui element as well for this


Hello @dr1992

Have you tried with Table extraction?


That’s what I’ve been trying to do

The problem is that the selectors are inconsistent and keep changing


If you can provide the site details we cna provide more info…else its difficult to give you a selector which might work…

Did you try using regex in the selectors to make them search multiple details or any variables


Unfortunately it is a private portal and so I wouldn’t be able to provide a link.

I didn’t try the latter, how would that method work?


Please have a look

You can try using combinations of these as wel

Let me know if you find some trouble