Problem with datascraping a web table

Hello everyone!

I’m starting my journey with Uipath and its been all smooth up until this point.
The problem I’m having is about getting the data from a webtable (timesheet in clockify)

Once it is scrapped it doesnt bring the values containted in the editable fields. But the total of hours is displayed correctly.

I saw some other topic entries in which the combination of get text and dinamic selectors seems to be the solution, but any other suggestion would be gladly received.


You will need to capture the editable data separately. Check if UiPath interprets this as a different table. If so, you can merge the two datatables after scraping each.

dynamic selector is the only best options we have for this kind of data scraping, it just you need to make rowIndex and ColumnIndex value as variable and increment them and iterate them through, this is very simple and easy way to achieve this.

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In the event that the manual data is not interpreted by UiPath as another table, I agree with @Divyashreem. Creating dynamic selectors on indices or row/column indices may be the only way to iterate over the data.

Thanks everyone for your input.
I finally manage to do it with the dynamic selectors and get ful text.

The result ist empty as the scraping of fextfields requires some modifications.

Have a Look Here
Scrape whole table with data scrapping issue - #9 by ppr

I tried using that method, but it still didnt work

Either way, I’ll keep it in mind in case I face a similar issue in the future. Thanks!

Give a try on removing the class information from selector of the Input Line and crosscheck the correct selector to the inputfield