Web recording changing UI elements issue

Hello all,
I tried a simple web recording which is login to my google drive and download a file. And it worked fine on my laptop but when I tried to run the same program using my PC, it crashed and said couldn’t find some elements. So I used UIExplorer on those elements in both laptop and PC and found them different. And also this problem arises during using desktop recording to record some excel work and run it on different versions of excel.

Can anyone help me so that I can make a program that able to run on different environments and machines?

Hello @ShaimaaHafez,

For Google drive : Google drive changes the element indexes for security reasons. If you can, try to find selectors that do not rely on changing attributes. If this isn’t possible you can use the Google Drive API with the http request activity.

For excel : What are you trying to do? Can you use the excel scope activities instead ?

Hope this helps

Thanks, I have tried to use selectors that don’t rely on changing attributes but now the problem is with internet explorer save button, UIpath robot can see it but can not click it, it’s like it doing a right click or something.

About excel, I am trying to insert charts and things like that so I can’t use excel scope activities.

Try to use shortcuts.
For excel you can look at https://forum.uipath.com/t/create-and-embed-objects-in-excel/2456
For internet explorer save button maybe the element you chose is too large. If possible make it more precise. Otherwise there must be a shortcut to save, or an option with a right click.

This is very helpful. Thank you.