How to Use Web Recording Properly WIthout "Cannot Find Element" Error


I’m new to UI Path and exploring its features. For my testing, I simply used recording functionality to open via browser and entered a keyword. Unfortunately, this simple test is throwing an error on my machine.

Below are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Click Design > Recording > Web
  2. Click Open Browser.
  3. I noticed that nothing happens so I manually open IE browser prior to step #2. Then again, I’m not able to enter the URL on address bar so I click somewhere in the body of IE browser. A pop up appears to enter URL. I typed “” Enter.
  4. Then the recording disappears after. I manually entered “” in the address bar of IE since it didn’t navigate to that.
  5. Clicked the Record button then typed “test” in the Google search keyword textbox then pressed ESC. Result is Main.xaml similar to below.
  6. Click Run.
    Browser opens and goes to google. It waits for some time but received this error after.

Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <webctrl id=‘lst-ib’ tag=‘INPUT’ />
Source: Type into ‘INPUT lst-ib’
Exception Type: SelectorNotFoundException

Was not able to search for keyword “test”.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @uipath_test,
Seems you are on the right track but few things you need to take care.

  1. You can use recording to perform the same. But make sure that you are ready with the screen where you will be performing the capture.
    Example: If you want to specify the element on, then open before starting the recording.
  2. In case you are not ready with your screen, you can take a break by pressing F2. It will give you 3 seconds break so that you can make the screen ready to capture/specify the element. You can try many times for break by pressing F2.
  3. The way we find the address for a particular person, ex: Street name,Building name, address etc, the same way we have one address just to locate it. That is called Selectors. To explore more please go through the link.
    About Selectors

In case you want to explore more regarding recording, please go through the video tutorials so that you will get a clear picture how it works.


please follow up the suggestion given by @jibanjyoti to learn more on selector.
For time being we will fix your issue. I can see that there is no url attribute in selector.
html title=‘Google’ /><webctrl id=‘lst-ib’ tag=‘INPUT’ /
please navigate to selector and click on attach live element and focus on google search bar field.

Thanks guys. Able to solve this by using Open Browser and Attach Browser separately