How to save exported Excel file with web recording?

I have used web recording to capture flow to select google analytics report and export to excel. Upon export, there was a prompt to open or save. I recorded as “save”. But when play the recorded flow, it always stop at the prompt and not able proceed.

Error {“message”:"Click ‘push button Close’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

@pohsengy Try with the updated selector, get to the save button, properties then copy the selector text. Open up the UiExplorer and paste the same at the below section without quotes and click on validate selector and check if the button is validated correctly.

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Avoid use of image capture. Try using a “Send Hot key”


Thanks Vinay & Fernando.

Vinay → Tried copy from UiExplorer, but still not successful.
Fernando → Will explore the hot key

Hi @pohsengy

I have the same problem. I can’t save a exportet Excel file neither with “Click” nor with “send a hotkey”.

What was your solution?

Does anyone have an alternative idea?

Thank you.
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I have noticed that some screen recorders mess with the visibility property of objects. So if you are using the WaitVisible option there might be what makes the process to stop.

I have succesfully recorderd the screen while running processes with that open/save -prompt.

Perhaps you can try another screen recorder. That was the way I solved my problem.

edit… Oh, I completely misunderstood your question…