Web recorder not working

Scenario: Web recording at arbitrary URL.

Steps to reproduce: Record Web. Reinstall browser extension.

Current Behavior:

Highlighting is inaccurate and websides do not react to clicks. Issue persists across browsers (tested both Chrome and IE).

Expected Behavior: Recording clicks highlight correct web elements, clicks are registered by browser and navigates to subpages.

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: UiPath Studio Community, 2017.63.65

OS Version: Win 10.0.14393, 64 bit
Others if Relevant: Latest browser versions.

Which Web Browser you are using?
I guess its Chrome. Please try with Internet Explorer because it is 100% compatible with Uipath Studio.


You are right, I primarily use Chrome, but I’ve also tested in Internet Explorer. The same workflows were working in Chrome less than 24 hours ago, so something has changed in my system. But reinstalling both the plugin and UiPath has not fixed it.

Do you have a public web site where we can test the issue?
In Chrome you can sometimes get this issue when having multiple window/tabs; try closing any other chrome windows. Also there are some applications that embeds the Chrome html render and sometimes interfere with our selection (example: slack); try minimizing or closing other apps.

However IE shouldn’t be affected by this.

A more general selection issue is related to having more than one display with different DPI settings.


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All other tabs were closed and I only have one display.

does it happen on any website or on a particular one?



Are you available for a remote support session?


Maybe tomorrow. I will contact you via PM

My UiPath web recorder is not at all working. It is not giving any error also but is not performing any actions.