Issue with Web Recording


Hi, I have just tried Web Recording tool with Chrome , Microsoft Edge, Firefox. I have installed the chrome , firefox extension , resrating browsers, restarting computer however cant spy particular field. Once highlighting the fields the whole screen is being highlighted or few fields simultaneously therefore can’t record the video properly. Would highly appreciate your help.


Have you tried to update your Uipath Version to the latest version?



Thanks for the reply, as I was installing UiPtah yesterday , assuming should have the most up to date version.


Hi @sylwia,

This looks like some extension related issue.

Try to uninstall the chrome extension first, close your browser, Install the Chrome extension and then restart UiPath Studio and Chrome.

Let me know if this helps.



Hi Vikas.Jain,
Thanks for the reply. As adviced I unistalled the chorme extension, closed browser, installed extension again and then restart the computer hovewer once opened its still not working properly.


In that case, Can you please tell the chrome extension’s version and also UiPath Studio version?



extension version: UiPath 9.0.6100,
UiPath studio version UiPATH 2016.2.6274,


Some UI’s have not-so-clear structure, including overlays - can you try inspecting the structure with UiExplorer manually and see if you can drill to what you need?

Does it also work like this for other pages/webapps or is it just this one?

From you description it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the plugin to me, more that indicating on screen will always select the top-most element that is under the mouse. Some versions of SAP are headache due to this, as the containers are in front of individual elements, essentially making indicating on screen useless for them.



Hi Andrzej,
I am quite new with UI as started yesterday, will do my best to inspect the structure with UiExplorer .
Yes, Its the same with all webpages on chrome and microsoft edge browse. On Firefox accuracy of spying elements is slightly better but still not sufficient enough to rely on the accuracy of spying elements.


I also facing same issue .I also try inspecting the structure with UiExplorer manually.but selection is not going to proper way.



I am facing similar issue with IE… web recording is not working at all. I am not getting type into pop-up as well. I am using uipath developer 8.0