Issue about Web Recording



Hi All:

I want to recording a automation recording about sign in Orchestrator, but when I begin Web Recording ,the mouse is very stuck and can’t keep up with my hand movement speed. When a click the space, it crash down and shows error as below:

Why? And how to deal with? :fearful:
Thanks in advance !


@Harvey Install browser extension


Hi indra, Thanks! But I remember I have added the chrome extension before, why now I need to install it again? I open the website and shows as below, I click the “ADDED TO CHROME” and nothing happened. :persevere::no_mouth::sob:


@Harvey Restart your system


@indra hi, I restarted my studio and kept the chrome extension website opening. But the web recording still has the same problem.


@indra It’s very strange. When I used web recording to click the elements on top of the website, it worked fine. But when I click the input space, the mouse became very stuck and crashed down later.


I can’t select the input space in the website, although I have added the chrome extension.


And why the web recording can recognize the IE browser but can’t recognize the elements in chrome browser.


It works!!!

Just uninstall the chrome extension and install chrome extension. Nothing else…:rofl::open_mouth:


I think extension is conflicting.

You added the chrome extension.
Try delete other.