Web: provoking uipath_custom_id creation

Hi there,

currently I am trying to scrape some data from a web-page using the “Get Text” activity.
While the selector normally works pretty well using unique HTML attributes I now am in a dead end:
The HTML field I try to scrape data from is created after a mouse over/hover over another field.
So I thought I would take the following steps:

  1. Hover Activity: Selector for text field A
  2. Pop-Up appears (the div…/div part is created and appears now in the HTML code of the web page)
  3. Get Text Activity: selector for text field B that is inside the div from step 2 (was not exisiting in the HTML code during step 1)

The problem I now have is, that the “get text” activity cannot find text field B.
While debugging I noticed that the dynamically created div and all its children does not have an uipath_custom_id attribute. So the I assume that the activity cannot find the field using the right selector.
[I assume that the Browser-Plugin is responsible for creating this attribute sothat Uipath can access the elements inside the browser]
When I use the UI-explorer I can actually watch the Firefox plugin creating the uipath_custom_id when hovering over the field using “indicate element”.

So now I assume I need to make sure that the uipath_custom_id is created when I use my “get text” activity.

How can I actively provoke a uipath_custom_id creation, so that the freshly created HTML elements are accessible by UIpath activities?

Or is there another solution to my problem (not using OCR)?

Thanks in advance.