Create custom activities with element selection

Hi there

I put a number of workflows in a Library and published them locally to have them at hand as custom activities. However I can’t figure out, how I can get UiPath to provide activity shortcuts, such as the “indicate element inside browser”-link provided with the standard Type Into activity.

I tried setting the input argument variable type to Selector, but the resulting activity would still not offer a clickable context feature.

Any ideas? Is this possible at all?

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I think we can pass selectors as strings, but I am also looking for the same functionality. This would be a nifty little feature. Let me know if you have come up with any solution.

I am also looking for this feature. Did you found any solution @Baiduryakanti_Majumd @Beat

I too am interested in this as well as how to use the selector to identify a window once I have captured the selector.

Hello @Brad_Coish
.are you trying to identify the current active window??