Custom generation of selector or UiElements

I am looking to generate custom selectors and activities based on an image. I have a method that can predictably locate elements on an image and generate regions for the element.
We work regularly with Citrix and this would save a lot of time and effort and would like to reduce reliance on find image and click image.

What I would like to know is, is this technically possible ?
While I can develop my own custom activities that take this custom ‘selector’ text to work on the image, I would preferably like to reuse the UiPath activities, explorer and highlight features.
My (rough and naive) idea would be to replace the Ui Element identified by UiPath with my own, and generate dynamically selectors and Ui Elements.

The second part of the question is, if it is possible, how would I proceed? Do I need to develop a custom Ui framework that UiPath can use to find the elements and selectors ? If so, how would I add it to Ui Path as a plugin?
What would I need to read to proceed?
I come from a Dot Net and C# background.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you