Duplicate uipath_custom_id on webpage?

Hi all,

Whilst automating a website, I need to input data into a table on the site. By default the table only has 1 row, so you have to click a button to add more rows as needed (simple enough so far). However, the problem seems to arise when trying to enter the text for the 2nd+ rows. For some reason, no mater what combination of selectors i try, i cannot target the 2nd+ row.

When I inspect the html, i can see each Input field is given a unique html id based on the row it’s in - however uipath refuses to use these ids - instead ALWAYS filling in the first row again.

I have noticed though, that each of these new row Input fields are all given the same uipath_custom_id attribute for some reason. I assume this is why uipath keeps filling in the top row every time.

Is there any way to either manually force these custom_ids to be updated to unique values, or is there a way to get uipath to behave and target the Input element by the html id attribute (as specified in the selector) ?


I believe if you can get the difference between the two selectors and can build a dynamic selector, then it can be done

If the website is public provide with the url

also provide some screenshots and example

Hope this helps you