Web page automation

I need to automate a web page in which the position of the field varies when new records are inserted.
for new records added,New set of fields ( for capturing new data) are always appended in the form, hence position is varying
is there any solution to automate varying field in the web?

Can you share the URL of the page if possible?

Ideally you can use element appear and then type into text. This element appear selector you can make generic as possible.

Have you tried using UiExplorer that would give you some selector attribute every time a new record is inserted there should be something common in the attribute in selector

In the attached image there are two fields available in the ui.On clicking add button there is a new tab created and the second one moves up.
I have tried to set value to the 3rd field by capturing the location but value is not getting there

Then i would not be able to do a hands-on solution.

Can you share the selector of the first tab field and the second tab field in which you want to insert the data?


these are the selectors for the three fields in which two of them are available when the page is loading,
the other one populated by clicking the add button
I am able to add the values into first two fields but third one not able to capture

So i assume that you are looping through the data that you have and then you are inserting into the page.
Since 1 and 2 are available its working but 3 only comes after you click the add button.

in your workflow are you doing this?
for each source item
type into 1st box
then see if the 2nd is available otherwise click on Add button
then once the element appears type into it
repeat for 3…n

the select that you have given has …Table_0/1/2/3
so you can add the index of you for loop in the selector

see if it helps. :robot: