How to point to a web field for my second variable to introduce?

Hi! I have to enter a list of customers into a web application. I know how to point to a static element of the web and type in there the name of the first customer. The point is that, whenever I finish, in order to enter the second one, I have to click on a “Add customer” button. After I do so, the web would include new field, exactly the same as the ones I filled in for the first customer, right below those I already filled. However, when my “do … while” loop tries to enter the data of the second customer, robot gets into de old field (the one already filled in), instead of going to the right new empty filed. Yeah, I know the robot is doing what it was taught to do, but my question is, how can I tell the robot to go to this new field that appears for each new customer in the list?

The list is not always the same, cometimes it may include 3 customers while other it may reach to 30.

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Can you share few examples regarding your usecase?


Hi @ccrespo9669 !
I think that your use case is similar with this one, would you mind reading and telling us if it’s approximatively what you are looking for ?

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Sure. I apologize, but I did not know that you had ansewered.

Here is the point where I should click to enter a 2nd owner. The problem is that when I do so, the web expands offering me a second block to enter the new person, but I cannot enter this second or third person automatically, in a “for each” list, becuse the fields names are the same but if I copy the previous activities, the robot would write in the previous fields, not in the new ones as I need.

Here, you can see the new fields to fill, and hpow they are the same as the initially filled for customer number 1…

Thank you very much Hiba. I think is not exactly the same, and maybe is a bit too advance for my current level with Uipath, but I will keep it for a case where I would need a similar solution. Thanks.

Hi @ccrespo9669 !
What you need is working on your selectors.
First, use UiExplorer and indicate the field of NIF (the first one) and copy paste the screen of the selector, then second use again UiExplorer and indicate the field of NIF (the second one) and copy paste the screen of the selector.
We will do it step by step together :smile:

Do you confirm me that the list of customer is inside a list<string> ? If no, what do you mean by list, for instance a column in an excel file ?

These selectors will most likely differ by idx attribute values if they are identical. Example, the NIF field that is filled in at the top may have an idx value = 1 and the new one that is blank at the bottom of the screen may have an idx value=2.

Just a thought.

Sure, we do agree !
We will have to adapt the index of the list with the index of the idx, just waiting for our friend to send us his selectors ^^

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I definitely have a proble with my notifications!!! Sorry for my delay answering. I sincerely apologise.

Thank you very mucho for your answers. They have been very useful. I have manage to solve the problem. Thanks a lot, Hiba and Andy.

That’s great @ccrespo9669 ! Don’t forget to mark your topic as solved with one of your own comments ^^

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