Requirement : Select an web element , can be a webedit field i.e. text box : then enter value

Requirement : Select an web element , can be a webedit field i.e. text box : then enter value

I have used the activities : “Type Into” or “Set Text” earlier to enter a value into a freetext element in web application using UIPATH , this time it is not working…I can see UiPath is selecting that element , typing it/setting the value but nothing is actually getting entered there…No error.

here the value is stored in a string variable and i can see the value using dialog message box …

this issue is there where UiPath is asked to enter data into multiple fields (freetext) in web application on the same row…it is entering only for the 1st element (appear 1st on the row) but not for the others…

do u have any clue here…

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Hi Rahaman,

Let us assume you have 10 fields in a single row where you are trying to enter certain text.

Now to achieve this first try to identify the varying attributes of each field. i.e., Try Opening UI Explorer in Design Tab and point out to the element where you are trying to enter text. The UI Explorer populates the entire HTML tree of the corresponding field 1.

Try to capture all the relevant static attributes and repeat the process for the remaining fields. Now you can observe that few parameters remain same but parameters such as aaname, colname etc., might vary.

Based on which you can script and enter text. Even still if you encounter with an issue try changing the method you interact with the web element i.e., by enabling Simulate Type or Send Windows Messages in the properties section of Type Into activity.

For the More Info on different methods of interacting use the below link:


Hi Sagar

i already did below before i raised this concern…

  1. Selector of the web element where the script wants to invoke “Type Into” : captured unique and distinguishable properties for the same through UiExplorer tool.
  2. Simulate Type=Checked
  3. ClickBeforeTyping=Checked

While executing this , i can see the navigation is happening on to the field correctly , clicking there but nothing value gets entered on the field. All those values are of string data type , i can see the values too dailog message box…

quite strange…

Hi Rahman,

If you can share the Web page link which you are trying to access, I can have a look at it once.


this is Oracle Siebel CRM application…can’t be connected outside client VPN.

Hi @Khandaker_Rahaman,

Are you found a solution to your problem? Because I have a similar problem as you can see here:

If you found, can you let me know how please.
I try a lot of solutions, unsuccessfully.