Web page automation of selecting the options

I am doing automation using UiPath for a project and it has to fetch data from an web page so on the home page there are multiple tickets and I have to one by one click the tickets and fetch data if the condition of the subject line contains a specific word else go for next option by clicking cancel and even if the subject line contains the word then take the data from that ticket page and go for the next ticket on the home page this process should go on for each ticket on home page. Can anyone help me on how do I select the next ticket because it is the only difficulty left in completion of my project as all other process is complete and working fine except this part of selecting the next tickets after finishing with the current ticket till I end doing this process for all tickets.
I have attache the image of how the option look like sorry I cannot share the complete image of the page so please help me with this option selecting difficulty as shown in the image.


Thanks in advance.


Were we able to navigate to each INC link with keyboard shortcuts like tab and down key combination of any other keys
If so we can use SEND HOT KEY activity to navigate with those keys and once after reaching each INC link use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+enter so that this page will remain as it is and a new tab will be opened for that INC


Yes We are able to navigate using the tab key but first it goes to check box present before the INC and then to the INC for each ticket so is it feasible to using this?

Is there any other way or activity to do this efficiently if possible?

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Yah absolutely
Kindly try once for one INC and if that works
We can use the same for all by placing them in a loop
Cheers @Pankaj7

Yes sure but actually the thing is that for the first INC I have used click activity and navigated it to the first INC so if I loop it back to start it will click the first INC only whereas this time it should click and repeat the same process for the next tickets too so how can I do that is there any solution for this issue?

Few mins pls

yes sure and also an update that send hotkeys don’t work after I revert back to the home page after finishing with my process on the first ticket so tab key does not work in this case so hotkeys won’t help in this case I guess.