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Hi all, i have built a robot in UiPath Studio that extracts data of Destinations and Che-in and Check-out dates from an excel file and import them in a queue in Orchestrator.

this robot should then get the items in the queue, open Browser Explorer on the website, type the Destination, check-in and check-out dates in the correct field and then using the data scraping to get information on the list of hotels available.

unfortunately after i imported in orchestrator the items, opened the browser and typed the destination in the field i find myself in the following situation:

i need to send a keyboard Hotkey to move down and select the first search result, then sending another Hotkey to press enter.
To achieve this aim i structured the flow like this:

when i run the process, the Destination is typed correctly but then the robot is not able to move in the search result box and it simply type “enter” in the Destination field.

How can move from the Destination field in the search result box and select by pressing enter “paris, Ile de France” ?

hope you guys can help me and i hope i provided the required information to answer my question



thank you for your inquiry.

ok… the first thing I notice is that you don´t need to use send hotkey activity to select the first result.

Try to use the uiexplorer to check the selector atributes for the first results, examing the result carefully … notice that there must be some sort of logical order presenting the results and go from there… in the forum you can find plently of examples of how to use a variable within a selector, here its an example.
let us know your results. :slight_smile:


Hello @pietro.gianesello92 ,

There is two ways you can do that:

  • You can perform hotkey operation in TypeInto Activity itself (no need of sendhotkey)


  • If you want to do by using SendHotkey Activity then please make Special Key property checked