How to automate webpage without using selector & Click activity in UiPath?

Hello All,

I need your help, I’m trying to automate a webpage where i need to click any one of the header{Number or State or opened - as shown in the pic} and right click and select “export” then click “excel”. The issue is this webpage doesn’t have a selector at all, web scrapping, screen scrapping, click activity, sending hot key nothing works… How to automate this sequence of flow?


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May I know what browser are you using here ? If it is Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser then did you install corresponding browser extension ?

If not then please install it and enable the browser extension and then check once.

@lakshman Yes, I have tried in both edge and chrome with UiPath Extension but its not working

then use click image or change UI Framework.

@Shakti_Singh - Click image is working … great thanks a lot. :grinning:

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