Action on html table

I have a html page with output like below

I need to click on the drop down on the right and choose a download option within for each row listed.

what is the best way to do that ?

Uipath Select Function has limited functionality when it comes to a button in this format. Personally I’ve found using the click activity in simulation and use the click OCR Text or Use a keyboard hotkey to navigate the menu options. You will have a larger amount of success the more you use keyboard selection versus html selector click bases. Not always easy or possible. Try seeing how the website interacts with keyboard hotkeys. Will tabbing over and selecting the down arrow prompt the list? Or maybe use click and move from their with the with hotkeys. As far as each row build it in a Do While Activity and use a click or whatever feature you decide to go with for navigating the menu in a anchor activity. For the anchor try using the get selector activity and pull the row number ID and change it in the anchor activity to a variable with the default value of 1. At the very end of the Activity have an Assign activity, in the To section put the row number variable from the selector and add one. i.e. to: HTML_SELECTOR_ROW = HTML_SELECTOR_ROW + 1. This will Create a cycling effect and surround the click function with a try catch and make the catch a system.exception type and make it assign a variable to true or false. Have that true or false be the determination for the Do While Activity to continue out of the loop. Hope This helps, Hope this was somewhat clear, and sorry for rambling.

Use a find children activity to retrieve all the rows.
Use a for each loop to traverse through the rows.
For each row, select from the drop down. (You may have to edit
the selector in your select activity to select from the specific row it’s
on by getting a unique row identifier, which is usually different in each application)