Need help : Execution on webpage

I have attached a webpage where I have to do certain operation.
I have highlighted an icon where I have to click and provide essential
information and save it. Same operation I have to do for each and every record.
Single page can accommodate 20 records so we have multiple pages for this activity.
Please suggest how to work on it.

I thought to use Data Scraping and for each row but it is not working.
Please suggest the possible solution.

It’s likely that UiPath has some form of row number or idx for each of those links. You’ll need to develop a workflow that iterates over the indexes or rows and injects the index or row into the selector. Whenever incrementing the index results in an invalid selector, have the process click the ‘next’ button.

I did not understand your explanation. I am new to UIPATH and trying to solve this problem. Please let me know in case you need more detail of my problem?

Any help would be appreciated…

In above picture I have to click highlighted button for each row and perform some activity.