Web Data Entry Automation

Complete newbie…only downloaded the trial version recently.

I watched this video which looked really good, showing how you can record data entry/activity on a web page.

Web Data Entry Automation. CSV to Salesforce - UiPath Studio

Looked pretty straightforward so I gave it a go… Fell at the first hurdle… with ANY other website eg Amazon it works a treat, each thing you hover over like a hyperlink or a tab or a data entry box it recognises as a selectable part of the page.

Use the url of the application I would like to use it with- it sees the whole screen as 1 big box, doesn’t recognise any part of it! Any ideas why? Thanks

IE or Chrome? If it’s Chrome, then you might need to install the UiPath Extension which you can do so from within Studio in the top menus.


Uipath is compatible with the following browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox

To work with Chrome and Firefox is necessary a extension installation that you can found as the below screenshot:


It was IE but I know the application uses Silverlight so perhaps I need to add the Silverlight one, Ill try thanks

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Let us know if you have any problems!


hi buddy i am having a small doubt in this application? is possible to automate data entry work?