Web Automation - Data Entry

I am trying to automate data entry on a website. So UiPath would read data from an excel (where I have the data stored), open up the website and enter details by using for each loop on the excel file.

The issue is I want to make this dynamic, which means I do not want to hardcode where to enter details on the website by specifying in the image of ‘Type into’ activity. I would like to loop through all the text box/drop downs and check box by using Parent Id (or if anything else possible)
Unfortunately, Parent Id on this website is not consistent. For a text box Parent Id would be 1, next text box would be 150, next would be 155.
Also when I refresh the website, the Parent Ids would also change

Is there any way I could loop through Parent ID or any other field ? Please advise


Hi welcome to the community!
You can use the Ui Explorer tool to find out what is the best selector for your automations.