Can one use html source code to automate in UiPath?

Hi, I have some downloaded html files and I was wondering if there is a way to build an automation for the fields on the webpage? When opening the webpage locally I cannot find any selectors (the whole webpage is the only selector UiPath recognises), so I was thinking is there perhaps a way of using the webpage’s source code to create a selector or fill in the fields etc.


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often a trigger, that the browser extension is missing or not properly working.
For analysis reasons you can check it with Internet Explorer

yes, but depending on your detail case and the web page element structures

Hey @fouried96

Yes of course, that can be done !

You want to open the page in browser and try or without opening?


Hello @fouried96 ,

You can do the automation for the local HTML file as normal web automation using Ui activities.

Make sure you have enabled the extensions.

I see I had not enabled “Allow access to file URLs” in the Chrome extension. Thank you!

Ok…So, is your issue resolved?

Perfect as it was mentioned with:

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