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Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to iterate through web URL’s by opening each product from shopping website and fetch the price of that product in message box.
Activities I used:

  • Flowchart
    -Open Browser{Type into, Data Scraping for extracting product names,url]
    -For each row{Open Browser, Get Text, MessageBox}

Till Data Scraping it is working fine. But not opening each product url as shown below.


In “For each row” Open browser I have given this value to open each URL:
https://www.flipkart.com/” + row(“url”).ToString

Please Correct me .

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Vaishnav, instead of “https://www.flipkart.com/” + row(“url”).ToString just use:

row("url’').ToString already has full url.

As you can also see in the screenshot of the browser at the top, the address bar says:


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