WEB scraping - url by variable

Hi there.

Is it possible to scrape data from a web page, assigning the URL by a variable or argument ?
My scope is to wrap a scraping activity and reuse it over multiple web address cause they have the same structure.

Additionally it is possible to quickly check the url when I analyse a sequence ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @duiliopaolini,
Below mentioned 3 steps will lead you to solution:-
1)You can put this list of urls in an excel sheet and then read them as a data table or directly create a data table containing the list of urls.
2)Then you can use For each row in data table activity , inside the loop use open browser activity and in url value enter the <row.item(0).tostring> .
3)You can then use your common web scraping piece of code in side this loop
4)Close the browser.

I think this is what you are looking for, need to attach browser first: