Peforms the same action based on number of rows inside the web page

Hi ,
I need an automatic process in order to write some data into an excel file.
Starting from this base url
I click on ricerca button after selecting in the combo box Regione ‘Campania’ and Provincia ‘Napoli’.
A query result will be displayed

My question is how I can create an action the performs a click on ‘lens’ button of each row


Hello @Iron_Man_XXX ,

It is just an idea, which might be much faster than clicking on the “lens”.

  1. Complete the combo box from here:
  2. Click Ricerca
  3. Use data scraping to get the entire table as a datatable
  4. Use For each row
  5. Inside for each row, add the logic to navigate to specific item, since when you click on the lens it will open a new page that have at the end the Codici number.
    So here you can craft your URL like:”+ row(“Codici”).tostring.trim
    For first item will be:

After these steps, you know better your logic if you want to save the data on an excel or so.

I hope is helpful for you.


Can you please send me a screenshot/example related to the part ‘For each row’ ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Iron_Man_XXX ,

You can find below a very short/quick flow that navigate to the link you mentioned, select specific options than creates a data table and navigate after that to each url from data table.

Than, you can put your login in the For each row and complete/extract information from those pages. (5.4 KB)

I hope it helps.



first of all, thanks!
I tried to open italy.xaml but I get an error… Missing or invalidy activity.

In the error Output I see:

Could not find member ‘CursorMotionType’ in type ‘’. Row: 178, Column: 56

Could not find member ‘Area’ in type ‘’. Row: 275, Column: 28

Well, you might need to update the UiPath activities.

i use 2020.10.4 stable versions
UiPath system activities: 20.10.3
UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities: 2020.12.0-preview

Should work after you update those activities.


Some screenshots:

I hope this helps…

can you specify the code that not working?
Need to understand from where to remove 2 characters, first or last 2 characters…

It’s good for you to check this post…it will help you to understand how to work with strings…

I hope it helps…

That article have the solution for your issue.

Also, at a very quick look, this might be something helpful for you:

The result for 12808715 will be 128087.


Hello @Iron_Man_XXX ,

The scenario is easy, I believe. Below for the scenario above.

  1. Create a new datatabe (ResultsDT) , with those 3 columns…
    2.For each row (from ExtractedDT)
    3.Navigate to each URL
  2. Get text activity - varID
  3. Get text Activity - varTiposcheda
  4. Get text Activity - varTipobene
  5. Add row - Activity - to datatable (ResultsDT)

These are the the main steps I believe for this scenario.

I hope it helps.


Hi @Iron_Man_XXX ,

try the flow attached. It has only built in activities, should work… (8.6 KB)


Great!!! Thanks a lot


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