URL Extraction pdf file

I try to download the file through search option via Website as each time it will open website and searching file

we want search the first file and download and again search another file download… looping…
here we want skip open website for each time. help me on this.


Move your open browser as the main activity and put the 'For Each Row" inside the “DO” and the rest of your acitivies inside the “For Each”

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as getting error attached is workflow

Sequence.xaml (12.1 KB)

Open browser should be one time and take a loop function (each rows)

we want to open onetime only for open browser do the activity…but its opening each time… how we can come out…



Or leave your project as it is, and insert an if activity, that will check if website element exists if it does than it should not open the browser again and if it doesn’t then it should open the browser, however what has been suggested above is best practice and its recommended over my suggestion, i was just throwing it in there to show you that you do have other options.

@SenzoD - Its sample activity i have shown here… as the actual is we need to login and password in the company website and perform. its very difficult for each time open with password that’s why i want to open website one time only and next loop function will work start from “Type into” activity to avoid Open Browser for each time…

There may be solution here itself as not using if function… help me out…

@Palaniyappan & @SenzoD - please help me out to fix the same.

Each time its ‘open Browser’ we need to avoid this… as its open one time to loop function will work.