Web Automation - Open Browser not working

When one clicks on ‘Open Browser’ under Recording for Web Automation, a pop up asking for the url and browser type should appear. However, the moment when I click on Open Browser, it goes in recording mode and exits when I click on a browser.

Can someone please help me with this issue?


Try selecting the inside window in the browser if you use IE. Like this:

Hello @oshinkavdia

Even either if you are using web recording feature or Open Browser activity both are same. They do not use any selector.

to indicate in recording select the open browser window not a tab window and

if you want to use Open Browser Activity then just pass the url and in properties select the Browser(which you wants to use) from BrowserType property.


I am having the same issue. And I am not able to select only the inside window. Below is the screenshot.

is that Edge?

Hi @Mon,

Its seems like edge browser, in uipath not supported edge browser can you try Chrome,firfox or IE to develop the process.


Thanks arivu96. The issue is now resolved. It’s due to MS Edge browser.

ok,now in edge also its working??? @Mon

No. It’s not working in Edge. Once I switched to internet explorer, it works!

ok Thanks @Mon, i think in uipath there are 3 browsers only supported Chrome,firefox or IE


Iam not getting the window tab to select browser and enter URL after selecting the OPEN BROWSER in RECORDING
its directly recording

Sorry but not getting you. can you explain a bit more?


I have the same problem. When I click ‘open browser’ no prompt for a URL is ever given, just goes into recording mode. Are you supposed to click on the windows menu to open browser?

Hai i am not able to automate open browser activity…when i do so there is no error occuring and it is showing red colour at the bottom

Hi, could you please copy the error message and maybe post a screenshot of the workflow?

Daniel C.