Question on using open browser button in UIPath studio

I am new in using studio. I am trying to use recording of web. However, when I click open browser, it has no respond and no browser return even no any error message. I have added the chrome extension and enable it already.

Do someone tell me what is the problem and how can i fix it?

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Hi @Emily_Yip , Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

  1. Specify the URL and the browser yuu want to use in the properties of Open Browser as shown in the below screenshot.


  1. Alternatively , if the browser is already open - use Attach browser and simply click on the Browser window.

  2. To better understand things , i would suggest you to use a Web Recording under recording. Post that have a look at the container and selectors.




Thanks Mukesh.
However it is not the solution of my question. I am clicking recording → web-> open browser. It has not return a browser for me. I would like to know why is it happen.

I was able to replicate the same issue you are facing.

Steps I Followed :

  1. Open Browser


  1. click on the Top of Browser (indicated by arrrow) (NO Browser returned) - Same Issue You are facing

  1. Now In Open Browser - Instead of clicking at the Top of Browser - I Clicked at the page Body as shown below (indicated by arrrow)

  1. Uipath Identified and returned browser. Click Save and Exit.


  1. Returned Browser from Web recording.

Idea is to Click on the Page Body and not on the Browser Navigation.
This I tried in IE … If you are using Chrome ,make sure - Extensions are enabled .


Thanks Mukesh.
This is what I am facing and thanks a lot.

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