How to automate using chrome

I have started automating in Chrome.

Automation is working fine for open webpage in chrome browser. But when i try to open the webpage with “Open Browser”, It always opens the IE.How can I open webpage in chrome during automation.

Hey @sampaddas

select from here.



pls install chrome extension


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Follow those steps suggested by @vikas_reddy_Vicky and @aksh1yadav

First install that plug in , next try with Akshay step …

will work for sure…:grinning:


Thanks !!

Hi, I still have problems to automate using chrome: I’m able to open browser but automation recording not recognize the element in the web page.

I have checked all suggestions in and everythings seems to be ok.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi Francy
Consider your text display settings. Changing mine back to 100% got Chrome selectors working again

You need to debug down the problem, you make able to find the exact problem lies once you try below scenarios.

1- It its happening with all web pages in chrome?
2- Are you able to identify in other browsers.
3- Manual recording working fine?