How to automate using chrome

I have started automating in Chrome.

Automation is working fine for open webpage in chrome browser. But when i try to open the webpage with “Open Browser”, It always opens the IE.How can I open webpage in chrome during automation.

Hey @sampaddas

select from here.



pls install chrome extension


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Follow those steps suggested by @vikas_reddy_Vicky and @aksh1yadav

First install that plug in , next try with Akshay step …

will work for sure…:grinning:


Thanks !!

Hi, I still have problems to automate using chrome: I’m able to open browser but automation recording not recognize the element in the web page.

I have checked all suggestions in Chrome Extension Troubleshooting and everythings seems to be ok.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi Francy
Consider your text display settings. Changing mine back to 100% got Chrome selectors working again

You need to debug down the problem, you make able to find the exact problem lies once you try below scenarios.

1- It its happening with all web pages in chrome?
2- Are you able to identify in other browsers.
3- Manual recording working fine?

HELP!! I can not search on google chrome. It types into the search box but does nothing after that. What am I missing.