Enter data into more than 100 fields of same type in a website

I want to enter the data into same type of fields (more than 100) but unable to ! Used foreach Ui element activity followed by click and type into activity but the data enters into the first selected field and stops. I am Beginner to UiPath, requesting any suggestions

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you need to loop through the data and work on the ui elements in the loop body. If you are holding the data as data table use for each row activity and interact with each of the ui elements with the loop.

Hope this gives idea to modify the workflow

Hi @AdityaVN

Thanks for the suggestion, I have tried looping the body by placing the click and type into activities in Foreach Ui element but still the data gets filled in the first element and stops !


  1. Check the selectors: Ensure that the selectors used in the UiElement activities (such as the Click and Type Into activities) are targeting the correct fields. Sometimes, the selectors may need to be adjusted to be more specific or to include dynamic attributes that uniquely identify each field.
  2. Use a reliable anchor: If the fields have some common elements around them (e.g., labels, headings, or container elements), consider using a reliable anchor element in the selector. By using a stable anchor, you can make the selectors more robust and avoid targeting the wrong field.
  3. Validate selectors in Ui Explorer: Use Ui Explorer, a tool provided by UiPath, to validate the selectors of the UiElement activities. Ui Explorer allows you to inspect the UI elements and fine-tune the selectors by adding or modifying attributes. This helps ensure that the selectors are correctly identifying each field.
  4. Use a dynamic counter or iterator: If the fields follow a predictable pattern or have sequential attributes (e.g., IDs, names, or labels), you can use a dynamic counter or iterator within the selector to target each field individually. This way, the bot will be able to loop through all the fields and enter the data accordingly.
  5. Implement a delay or wait: If the fields take some time to load or become accessible after the initial click, you can add a delay or use the “Element Exists” or “Wait Element Vanish” activities to ensure that the field is ready for interaction before attempting to enter the data.
  6. Consider using data-driven approach: If you have a large number of fields to populate with data, it might be more efficient to store the data in an external data source (e.g., Excel or CSV file) and use a data-driven approach. Read the data from the source file and loop through it to populate the fields dynamically.


First thing to confirm…when you indicate element in for each are you getting all the similar elements in the preview?

If not then you need to re indicate properly and check the selector


Please refer the image.

I want to copy text in column “Company”, paste in “Account label” and click create. I want to repeat the same process for all records.

Please note that this is not a data table. It is a CRM system built in an application.


From image it is difficlut to say…

You still need to confirm this


Yes , it indicated all the similar elements while selecting foreach Ui element


Can you please show how you are trying to use