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Hello Claynton,
How to login to slack uipath, I asked for a password, how do I get it?
My email is fine, but not the password.
Thank you
hola Claynton,
Cómo ingreso a slack uipath, me pide una contraseña, ¿ cómo la obtengo?
Mi correo esta bien, pero no la contraseña.


It requires a connected account, I already have some, just forget the procedure. I require a password provided by you?
Me exige una cuenta conectada, ya tengo algunas, solo que olvide el procedimiento. Requiero una contraseña proporcionada por ustedes ?


Para ingresar a slack habia que undir " Log in, join relevant channels for you and say hi! " en esta pagina arriba, ingresamos el correo y una contraseña nueva para este grupo.


Hola @pabloasesor

Still having a problem?

Go to uipathcommunity.slack.com and click on “Forgot password” as shown in image:

Follow the instructions after you click on “Forgot password”. It should send an email to you to reset password.



Greetings Clayton,

If you solve the problem,

thanks to the administrator team, I already started inviting people from Colombia to the local-colombia channel.

Thanks again.