We have a new (Slack) space where we can get in touch!


It requires a connected account, I already have some, just forget the procedure. I require a password provided by you?
Me exige una cuenta conectada, ya tengo algunas, solo que olvide el procedimiento. Requiero una contraseña proporcionada por ustedes ?


Para ingresar a slack habia que undir " Log in, join relevant channels for you and say hi! " en esta pagina arriba, ingresamos el correo y una contraseña nueva para este grupo.


Hola @pabloasesor

Still having a problem?

Go to uipathcommunity.slack.com and click on “Forgot password” as shown in image:

Follow the instructions after you click on “Forgot password”. It should send an email to you to reset password.



Greetings Clayton,

If you solve the problem,

thanks to the administrator team, I already started inviting people from Colombia to the local-colombia channel.

Thanks again.


The invite link is no longer valid. Could you update that so that it is working? Currently I don’t believe anyone is able to sign up that doesn’t have an @uipath.com email address.

Thank you in advance!


Hello UiPath Comrades !!

I would like to join Uipath Slack community, As It is not allowing me to join it.




Here’s a updated link to access the UiPath Community Slack :smiley:




Thanks a lot. this link is working. interested to meet CEO and have a discussion directly. so excited.


@Vlad - This is awesome!:clap:


Very cool :sunglasses:




When i logged in, it popped a message saying ‘this group is reaching near 10000 chat which is the free limit. to have more, go for premium version’. any idea about what this mean? do i need to be prime member to be part of this channel


Hi @FebinKAndrews

Nothing to worry about, it will continue to work for free :slight_smile:


Hey, my company blocks shortened URLs, any chance you could post full link for me please, thanks :slight_smile:


There you go.


Thanks, turns out we also block slack so there you go…enjoy it guys, wish I could join but alas, I’ll have to stick to the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


It might not help, but sometimes you need to add a site to the Trusted List then refresh:

Most likely won’t help though.

That seems odd they would block a collaboration tool with “https” prefix. :confused:

There’s always the Mobile app though, so you can still join on your personal data plan.


Or you could try the Mobile App.



" We communicate… therefore we are"…great news to get in touch with everybody out there at UiPath environment. :slight_smile: :blush:


We block everything - I was trying to organise a Christmas party for the team but couldn’t as a lot of bars/restaurants were blocked due to “alcohol content”, news websites get blocked too if they contain a radio portion, like bbc.com. I get why they do it, just mildly frustrating at times!