How to create an @UiPath domain e-mail

Hello there! I have been working in UiPath now for a few weeks but I really want to join the Slack channel. However, I see that you have to have @UiPath e-mail address to join. I have looked all over and can not find anyway to make this. Does anyone know how I can proceed? I really would like to be apart of the slack channel. Thank you!


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I am using Gmail account to login into Uipath slack channel. I guess we can’t create @UIpath domain account.

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Hi @MiahH,

As @lakshman said above, a UiPath domain is not required to join the Slack channel. Where was there information saying that this is the case? Or are you having a different issue when signing up?

Let us know, we should be able to help :slight_smile:

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Hi there! @mcicca so, shortly after I posted this I realized that I did not mean that it requires a domain. I have no idea where my thought process was going with that one. What I meant was it looks like I need a @UiPath email address to log into the slack channel with. So I was wondering if this as the case and if so how I can get one! :slight_smile:

Hi @MiahH, that is strange as you shouldn’t need one! I personally used my own email (or a work email address, but a standard one such as gmail should be fine).

I followed the link in this post: We have a new (Slack) space where we can get in touch!

Which I believe takes you to the standard ‘Join this Slack community’ page, which from there you use your Slack login details. If the process has changed, maybe UiPath staff can help you out?

@mcicca Thank you! It allowed me to use my Slack e-mail this time! It seems I was just not having luck with some things yesterday! But I am in now. I appreciate the help!! :smiley: