Slack Down?


I have been using the UiPath Community slack for about 8 months now. I love this community and the answers from there have helped solve so many of my real life cx issues! Infact I have a handful of people I stay in touch with.

But when I try to login recently(for the past few days) , it says I am not a member. I came to know Slack has been down also. Can anyone check? Have I been removed from the community since I do not have a UiPath email address? I have some critical burning questions to ask my friends there.

Hello @anjalibot
There is an announcement made by @loginerror about the new Slack space.
Please refer to the post below:

Hope this helps. Thanks and regards


Wow. Thank You @Jan_Brian_Despi

You made my day!
I searched this site for announcements or other links…But none came up? I think I must have missed it.
Thanks a bunch!

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Good to hear that, @anjalibot!
You may mark my answer as the solution if it helps you :slight_smile:

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