Hi all,

I have a doubt, I need to check if a particular file has watermark or not. How to check this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @hanviprebday

Check out this thread. It might help you.


If you use read pdf with ocr or get text with ocr, then you can check if the string contains the watermark word is there


  1. Open the file in the UiPath Studio.
  2. Use the Read PDF Text activity to read the text from the file.
  3. Use the Contains activity to check if the text contains the watermark.
  4. If the text contains the watermark, then the file contains a watermark.
  5. If the text does not contain the watermark, then the file does not contain a watermark.

Hi @hanviprebday

Use OCR for Text Watermarks: If the watermark is a text overlay on the document, you can use UiPath’s OCR activities (such as “Read PDF Text” or “Read Text”) to extract the text from the document and check if the watermark text exists.

However, note that OCR may not be effective if the watermark is heavily stylized or if it appears as part of an image.


I have an application I need to open that application with captcha and check if watermark is there in that or not. How to do this

For solving automations involving captcha, you can refer How to automate Captcha - #9 by Sankaraveni_M

Or use this activity from marketplace : Captcha Solver - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview