Watermark PDF

Hello Guys,

I need your help to figure out how to change the Color of the letters with the parameter XColor.

The activity is the App_Integration.PDF.WatermarkPDF, and one of the boxes is the XColor, here I have tried with:
pdfsharp.Drawing.XColor.FromArgb(212, 224, 240), pdfsharp.Drawing.XColor.FromGrayScale(0.9)

But none of these is changing the Color of the Watermark.

I founded another post here regarding to this, and I am very grateful for the answers founded here, but it does not answer my doubt.

Thank you so much!!!


The Watermark PDF activity is set to use a fixed color instead of using the color which we pass as an argument. You can create your own custom activity to use the dynamic color value. See the Screenshot.

Hi, do you know if there is a way to identify if a watermark exists on a PDF page ?