How to automate Captcha

How can we automate Captcha?

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Can you try this


@Umadevi_Sanjeevi Thank you.

@Umadevi_Sanjeevi Not able to extract text as u have said by attaching the screenshot.

Is there any other solution to get the text from captcha which is not clear or etc

can give us some sample captcha images ?


Please find the captcha attached


To automate captcha use Computer Vision will get the accurate results max, But for that you require api key & cloud url.

For development you can take api key from orchestrator, then for moving production you require api key that you need to build or else need to discuss with client


Got it. Thanks @varunk

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Here are my suggestions:

  1. Try using Get Text with OCR.
  2. If Get Text with OCR brings you different output, try using AI activities like Computer Vision.
  3. Lastly, you can also try using pre-built code from the Market place like the Captcha Solver.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Sankaraveni_M

You can try with Captcha buster extension if it is a google re captcha

You need to add the extension to chrome and make a condition to check if need to solve captcha if yes you need to click on the symbol and it will solve the captcha automatically

or you can try with Anti - Captcha but you need to deposit in in order to solve the captcha find the details here



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