Waorkbook Read range always return the same value

Hello friends,

I’m looping throught an “xlsx”, and there is a column in this xlsx that include formula.

I’m using workbook read range to put the xlsx into a datatable.

When i write the value of Column(2) it gives always the same number, whearas they differt in the xlsx.

I dont know why.


Can you share a Screenshot of your flow / sample excel where you are getting this issue?


sample.xlsx (14.8 KB)


check your input, you have all the blanks above and after some rows you have the TP0-FAC-F8-000


The index starts with 0 so that third column is the 2nd column

So what’s the issue?

Hope this may help you


no it is not the problem, here is the result when i loop throught the column(2), i know that index begin with 0 :slight_smile:

Try a output datatable activity, and debug the text dump of your datatable. (Or monitor it in the debug windos icw breakpoints.

Your loop is solid, so it should be the content.

Use a different excel method to read the range:

Use the application one over the system one. This properly evaluates the formulae in the sheet and display the calculated values correctly.