How to get the range of data present in excel

i need to get the range of the data present in the excel sheets whose range varies, so that i can write the formula to each cell present in the excel sheet

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Hey @jeevan.h

You can first do a read range with empty range which will read the entire range which has data.

Then you can manipulate the address with current row and column index.

Let’s say you have a match in particular row and column index,

Char(64+ColIndex).ToString + RowIndex.ToString

We are using ASCII for creating alphabets in the above address range manipulation

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You can read the entire data ij that Excel as mentioned by @Nithinkrishna

Then the rows will be simply the dt.rows.count

And first get the number of columns using, dt.columns.count

And then pass that count in the Excel formula (either in a cell in new sheet on that file)
This will give the Excel address of the last column


Give it a try, this should work!


Just to understand, will this work if column count is more than 26?
As in Excel the column address after Z is AA

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Hey @rahulsharma

Yes of course, this won’t.

But that’s just the demo and if it’s more than 26 columns we need to add a bit of logic.


formula works
but when i want to push the formula into excel and read the value. how is it possible it will again reaad the formula rite?

and its showing sytex error while i tried reading that cell

Write that into a new temporary sheet, read that entire sheet in a datatable using Read Range Workbook activity, and then use Output Datatable to convert it into a text.

Hope this helps!

How are you reading that cell?

This is the formula i am writing, excel file is not taking the formula
its trying to remove the formula when trying to open excel file

Hi @jeevan.h ,

Could you try writing it using Excel Application Scope?

I’ve noticed that sometimes the file gets corrupted when we try to write formulas into Excel using the Workbook Activities.

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Ashwin A.K

i get this error while using excel application scope

It worked with application scope

It worked with your formula , thankyou

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