Want to add queue items in excel


I would like to fill excel with this scenario

Using Get transaction i will be fetched the queue item.

My Queue Item will have a two columns of data.in column1 there is mobile name…and in column2 price of mobile

Now i want to convert my queue item into datatable so that I can use write range activity

But here one condition is, in column2 of price…I want data of price greater than 10000. And only this data which is greater than 10000 I want to put into Excel excelsheet

How can i do that?


Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a BUILD DATATABLE activity and create a table with two columns you want and get the output as dt

  2. Now use Get transaction item and get the output as out_queue

  3. Now use a add data row activity and pass the input like this

In ARRAYROW property
{out_queue.SpecificContent(“argument name_1”).ToString.Trim, out_queue.SpecificContent(“argument name_2”).ToString.Trim}

And in DATATABLE mention as dt

Like wise if you have a loop then place both the get transaction item and add data row so that it will add all the value to DATATABLE

The reason is first let’s add all value to DATATABLE dt

Then once after the loop use a FILTER DATATABLE activity where mention the condition you want

That’s it

Cheers @rutuja.y

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