Insert a row from Queue to a Datatable I created

Hi everyone

I have a Queue in the Orchestrator.
And I want to insert the first object from the Queue to a DT I created earlier (that have the same headings)

Please help and thanx in advance

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Can you send the screenshot of values present in the queue?

You can use a add datarow activity and add the item to created Datatable

Can you please share us the datatype you use .

Please share us with screenshot to help .

this is a transaction from the Queue
The Hebrew is the name and subject…

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Like @Karthick suggested , you can use add datarow activity to add it to the dT.

so how do I add to the DT the row I want
my add Queue item is in another sequence, and the DT is created in the main sequence (the filtered items and the add |Queue item is in an invoke to the main sequence)
the try-catch has an invoke to the filtered items and add queue item…

need to place Add Data Row , where u get the data one by one.

Pass as array row {transactionitem.Specificcontent(“in_ID”),transactionitem.Specificcontent(“in_FullName”)}

OK ill check it now

you have to pass it into Array Row property {},

You can retrieve the data from transaction item through Specific content Property & use in the arrayrow property.

Or you can assign it in the variables : variable name1 = transactionitem.Specificcontent(“Name”)

{transactionitem.Specificcontent(“Name”),transactionitem.Specificcontent(“Name”),transactionitem.Specificcontent(“Name”) }

sorry but didn’t understand can u please send me an example?
when I used the “add queue item” I used the “ItemInformation” property to add to the item in the queue

Same you need it in DT ?

If so . Yu can directly add using add data row activity in which data has to be sent as array item (Array Row)

Sample :-

thank u very much!!

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