How to Add Complete Queue Item to Datatable

I am processing a queue item in REF. Once I process a specific item in the queue item I need to place the entire queue item data into a data table. I can’t figure out the correct syntax to get it into the Add Data Row activity. Would appreciate any hints. Thanks!

Hi @Chris_Livesay,

You can add info to a datatable with the add data row activity like you mention. You have 2 options: To create a array of the same number of columns you have like this (Between square brackets):

Or add a DataRow but the easiest and what I usually do is the first one then in the DataTable field you just put the datatable variable where you are adding the row.

I am doing this from within Process so I am dealing with in_TransactionItem. I can’t seem to get the syntax correct to place each item into it’s column in the table using the array method.

The easiest would be if I could add the entire row of data from in_TransactionItem

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