How to write data to the excel from the transactions?

Hello all,

I have an excel file ,using DT1 from this i am entering 2 column i am entering all data to the Queue.
and using “get transactions item” i can get them one by one.
But to the same excel file (DT1) i want to update the data, in other all other 20columns how to do it?
there are some 100 transactions i have to process them one by one and also to the same excel file enter the data ?


these are the fields to be populated .

the code is as below

Can anyone please help me with this please

Hopefully you have in your excel a cell that can be used to find that item again from the queue, once it is processed, putting that also in the transaction item, in reference field or custom column, you can then use lookup range to find the address of the cell that is found, with that you will know the row number in excel that you need to update.

can you please elaborate,

i have shared above screenshot the excel file you can see the coulms(weight, statu, etc…) and cells. but how to populate for all the transcations?

if you explain with example, it will be more clearer to me. also i have to do it at high priority.


See here how you can add custom information to your transactions and how to read them back after:


this link i have used all these steps already. my question is to add values to excel. in this excel part answer is not there

That i explained above… to find the excel row you will use Lookup Range activity… And to write the info just use a write cell using the range returned by lookup range.