Waiting on element populating with data

I am trying to build a robot to interact with our cloud based enterprise software.
Our software requires users to build their workspace by selecting various options from some drop downs on the screen. I have managed to identify the elements and send the text to each correct drop down.
But to do so, I have had to introduce a wait after each one to ensure the data is finished before clicking the next drop down.
As this is cloud based, the time taken to return data is variable. I find that my robot is wait for too long between drop down selections.
Is there any way to check if an element has data present before moving on?

Hi @steve.walls have you tried using he get attribute activity.

You can check using this activity if the element in question has data present or not.
You can also use wait attribute activity if you know what values are expected out of elements.

Try and let me know if this works.

Thanks for the ideas which have led me to a successful solution, although not using either option.

The issue is as soon as I select from the drop down, the readystate of the element dropdown is complete. Although it can be 30 seconds before the data is returned. I cannot use the wait attribute on the data panel below either as that doesnt exist in the page until data is returned.

However, when following the UIPath guide you sent for Get Attribute, it shows an example from YouTube and I observed the use of an Extract Structured Data.
I then insert one of these after my selection from drop down and I indicated the first column header in the now visible results. I gave the input Extract Metadata command the XML path to extract the aaname of the first field.
This doesnt exist until the drop down has completed the data return. Even if there is no data to return, the headers are now visible meaning the robot can move forward.

I dont know if that is efficient or effective use of the extract structured data activity but it has given me the solution I was looking for.


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