A Wait Attribute Activity requirement

  1. For the Wait Attribute Activity, is it possible to add an AttributeUnequalValue property. Wait the attribute equal to some value and Wait the attribute change to another value are the most common scenarios.

  2. In the studio, this activity does not have the icon which can quick set the selector property like Click Activity. Is it possible to add that feature?

Thanks for reading.

Hi @liuweiran

Probably you can use an On Element Appear to perform an action when an element with the specific attributes appears.

If you want to perform an activity when an element attribute changes to another value you can use On Element Disappear.

In both case, remember to include the desired attribute into your selector.

For the point 2, try to use the different UiFrameworks that the UiExplorer offers.


Also, remeber to install the extensions in case that you want to automate an specific browser or Java applications.


Andres Tarazona

Thanks for the help.

For Point 1, I have tried, and the result is interesting. The Wait Attribute Activity used for the scenario that wait while the attribute is attributeValue. I misunderstand the usage of this Activity. The On Element Vanish can not used. For example, a Label Control with Text Property is “ABC” and I want to wait until the text change to “”, The On Element Vanish is not working. It just wait until timeout.

For Point 2. The Wait Attribute Activity only have Element Property. These is no Selector Property at all. So I suggest to add Selector Property to this Activity.