Wait attribute activity is throwing Timeout exception

I have a text element(called status) in the web page with html attribute :

Part Allocated

The robot will change the status to ‘Allocate’ using a click activity.
My requirement is to read the changed status(new status) using GetText activity once click activity is done.
So I have used the Wait attribute activity for this purpose (with Attribute = “Text” and value= “Part Allocated”)
But I am getting the timeout exception : “Wait Attribute: Activity timeout exceeded”

To cross verify this, I did a seperate workflow to read the value of attribute of this element; By using GetAttribute activity with Attribute property=“Text”. This activity is giving me the correct value.

Can someone tell me why Wait attribute activity is not working properly.

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Hi @MariaJosephina,

Are you able to show a screenshot of your element’s properties and your workfile?


Wait Attribute activity seems to be buggy. I have noticed that the activity fails in the moment when the attribute value of the element changes, read before the specified timeout is reached.
Would UiPath devs mind to analyze the issue and fix it, or withdraw the activity???