Waiting next activity

Good morning, can u please help me, i have problem in my program, the process with data loading takes a long time, I need to wait until the download is completed and then go to the next button (the process takes 5 minutes, nothing new appears on the screen and it will not work through exists), I apologize for the verbal errors if they are xd

on the Element Exists activity, set the appropriate Timeout in the properties.

You can also use the Retry Scope activity and place Element Exists there by setting the appropriate time and repetition intervals.

I apologize for my question, maybe I misunderstood, nothing new appears in the window, not even the loading icon except for the mouse, how can I apply Element Exists then?

Hi @Bfly

You can wait until file downoad by using path exists activity (it will provide Boolean value) in a while loop

Hello, i have no download files, all process in program

@Bfly How do you manually identify that download is completed.
can you attach any screenshot

Are you downloading something or only loading the data?

I determine by the fact that I can not press anywhere and the application seems to freeze and the loading icon appears instead of the cursor

the loading icon appears instead of the cursor

Try Using Wait Image Vanish activity and give it a loading icon image.

Also you can use do while with condition to attribute of any element on screen.
Place wait attribute activity inside while with required attribute condition.