Waiting for downloading a file to extract it

Hey guys

My process need to download a file then extract it
But i face a problem that the process doesn’t wait for downloading the file

I tried the wait for vanish doesn’t work

Need ur help guys I’m really stuck


You can use the element exist , or find image if there is an image and popup when the download is complete.
Or simply you can solve it by giving a waiting time after the last activity

I can’t expect the time
And can you give me more explanation
How to write it

Did the download complete give a notification?
like an example download on google crome.

You can use find image

No but there’s a load window will disappear after the file downloaded

I can use element exist
And put it while loop but it doesn’t work maybe there’s wrong in the loop

Can you tell me the write way

Have you put the existent selector block element right?

@N_Qahtani… Use Path Exists activity… If the downloading file is taking more time then retry the Path Exists activity one more time. So that process has to wait until the given path/file is available.

Element exists with boolean exist variable= false

While exist {

Do an log message

And it’s give me infinite loop

How to write that
Put it in loop or what?

@Mulya_Habibi_Tullah… I think the process which you suggested is not a best way of approach to follow mate.

Hope this will help you

Here the condition will check if the path is not found(False) and Itr value(iterable value) is less than 3, then again it is going check for the file path. This will be continued until the iterator value becomes 4 i.e Retry will happen 3 times(You can change the retry count mechanism according to your requirement)

Can you show me the process it doesn’t make sense to me

File exist with false variable

While false

Extract the file


If doesn’t exist it appears true and out from the loop without waiting to download

Please check this answer mate…!